5 Best collars to choose for your cat

5 Best collars to choose for your cat

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Our Thailand is famous for its beautiful temples, beaches, and delicacies, but it is unfortunate that it also has the highest number of stray cats that overwhelm streets, beaches and temples. A large number of these stray animals are due to several causes. According to the culture, we can make merit by feeding stray animals. This act of kindness helps these stray animals survive, but this also means that they reproduce much more successfully. These, along with very limited cheap spay/neuter opportunities in most communities, means that millions of cats are born on the street yearly. 🐈

If you are a cat owner in Thailand or you are planning to relocate with your cat to Thailand, you will agree with me that having a cat collar to distinguish your kitty from stray is very important. Any cat can get lost, even your indoor cat can escape or follow a stray, so having a cat collar to differentiate your cat from stray is very important. Identification collar boosts their chances of returning home. Microchipped cats can walk pass potential returners without being recognized. Microchips do not always work and people often regard an untagged or uncollared cat as a "wild". Cat collar gives your pet a voice – one that humans can listen to and understand. In addition to letting people know that your cat has a home, collars can converse any situation that requires regular attention.

Whether your feline pal lives indoors or outdoors or both, they can get lost. Even a domestic cat could escape through the window or wandering away from home. In the case of a disaster or severe weather condition, you and your cat may suddenly get away. But if your cat wears a personalized collar, you can easily reunite with your pet again. A Pendant Cat Collar on your cat lets people know that your cat is not a stray. So, when buying a cat collar, the following are the best for cat safety.😉

Personalized Cat Collars

 At least, the cat collar should have your cat’s name and your contact number. Even if your pet has been microchipped, cat collar is a necessity. Not everybody who finds a lost cat will bother taking it to the vet for scanned. Customized Cat Collar gives your lost cat a better chance of finding his way home.

Reflective Cat Collars

When it comes to cat collar, safety is the main concern for cat owners, as most cats are an expert escape artist. If you have ever tried to find a cat in the night, you will understand how they can make themselves invisible. A Reflective Cat Collar will help you locate your cat quickly and easily. This collar also makes your cat more visible and reduces his chance of being hit by a car.🌃

Breakaway Cat Collars

This cat collar comes with a special buckle that automatically releases when it's pulled. Because these buckles don't clack into a locked situation. A Breakaway Cat Collar allows your cat to slips off if their collar gets holdup on furniture, window blinds, or fencing. A normal collar, in these conditions, could accidentally choke your cat.

Anti-Insects Cat Collars

This collar usually serves medical purposes. It is used along with a traditional buckle collar. Filled with flea repellent, they are used as a kind of flea control. But be careful when choosing a Flea Cat Collars, some will contain high-level of chemical. This Anti-Insect Cat Collar is allergy free based, safe and eco-friendly.🦟

GPS Cat Collars

This is a new player to the cat collar market; the GPS Cat Collar can help cat owners keep track of their cat when outdoors. The GPS cat collar is a device that can be used to track your cat’s location. The collar works in a similar way like the GPS devices in your cars. If an integrated GPS Cat Collar would not fit your kitty’s beauty, there is also GPS Tracker which can be clipped to your existing cat collar.🐾

How to choose a perfect Collar for your cat

While cat collars are a great investment to help your cat stay safe outdoors, some may pose a new safety risk. Non-breakaway cat collars can get caught, which can result in choking and strangulation. For this reason, it is important to choose a good collar that takes safety into consideration. Stretchy materials and breakaway buckles help your feline friend to escape sticky positions.

The next part of ensuring your cat’s collar is safe is getting a good fit. Cat’s collars that are too small or too big can be dangerous for your cat, so be sure you assess your pet’s neck before buying a collar. If you plan to take your cat for a walk, be sure you attach a leash to a high-quality Cat Harness instead of a collar. Applying pressure on your cat neck may cause severe damage.🐱

Safety measure

Many owners think that small dog collars can be used for their kitten. Some retailers even encourage using small dog collars for cats. This is not right and can be dangerous for your cat. Dog collars are used with a leash, which means they are designed to remain on the dog's neck. If a cat with a dog collar is a trap on a fence, the collar will not let loose and can strangle your cat if it is not found on time.

Don’t forget that collars don’t expand when your cats grow and kittens grow very fast! If you do not examine it frequently, the collars may literally grow into your cat’s neck and cause constant pain. Make sure you check your cat's collar at least once a week until your kitten is fully matured and examine your cat's collar frequently to make sure it fits correctly and is safely secured. There should be enough space to easily slide your three fingers between the collar and your cat neck. Cat collars may lose flexibility over time, and as older cats continue to age, the cat may lose weight. Make sure the collar is not lose that it can slide over the cat's head.👍