How to live in a Condominium with a Cat in Thailand ?

How to live in a Condominium with a Cat in Thailand ?

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Thailand is a pet-friendly place. Even homeless pets live peacefully on the streets, usually fed by the non-owners in the area and also in Thai temples by monks. If you are a cat lover, and you live in a condominium or a tiny house in Thailand, you own a cat or may be planning to get one. Then keep reading, this article is for you. In this post, we will discuss how to live with a cat in an apartment or a tiny house.🐱🏩

Cat in Flat - Pet Shop ThailandIn spite of years of domestication, cats are still cats. They have innate instincts that go back to their wild ancestors. That does not mean they cannot be great companions, but it means you need to considerate of how they adapt to particular environments. When you notice cats outside, you will see that they often enjoy jumping in the shrubbery, running up trees and chasing everything they see as prey.

However, for many owners, their domestic situation means that it is not safe to allow their cat to venture outside. This may be because of city life or residence near high-way where several cats have been run over. Or maybe you live in a flat that is too high to access safely. If any of these is your concern and you wonder if you can live with a cat in a condo, then the following are what you can do to enjoy apartment life with your feline pals.

Clean your home and cat litter frequently

Cat LitterWhen you share a small apartment with a cat, it is very important to clean the cat litter on a daily basis. To avoid further smells to spread into your room, you add a Cat Litter Carpet in front of your cat's litter. Spaces with inadequate ventilation can get stinky quickly. And when you are serving tasty tuna or raw meat to your cat, any remnants will be permeable and will attract all kinds of critters into your apartment. Also, when you live in a small house, a little cat hair quickly turns into a lot of cat hair. Cat Glove Grooming is efficient to avoid hair invasion. And Cat’s bowl also needs to be clean immediately after eating to keep pests like cockroaches and ants at bay. And keep the apartment fresh and clean.🏡🧹

Clutter and photo frames need to be kept safe

Remember, when living in a small house there are no "forbidden" areas for cats. Cats will go wherever they want to go, and in a limited space, except you close it off, your cat will enter. Particularly if you don’t want them to, anything toxic, unsafe or unsuitable for free grazing should be locked into a cabinet. If you have "nice things” that you don’t want to be tossed on the floor carelessly, you can invest in shelves that you can place at the height that your cat can’t get at. Or make your peace with covered storage containers.🔒

Give your cat’s automatic toys

Automatic Cat Toys
At times when you are away from home, this Automatic Cat Toy will keep your cat from feeling lonely when you're not at home. If you can’t afford the expensive ones, you can go for a cheaper Cat Toy that will still achieve the same result. These toys can keep your cat busy inside your apartment without going outside.😼

Provide your Cat with a scratch post

Cat ScratchThis can be a serious problem particularly with young cats who want to sharpen their claws on all your furniture. There is no way to prevent cats from scratching, they need it, it's their nature, but your job is to discourage them from scratching the couch. The best solution is to get a Cat Scratch. The posts are designed to catch their attention and give them the perfect object to stretch on and scratch. Scratch posts are quite economical, but it is worth investing in a good one, and in the long run, you will save money if you can prevent your cat from damaging your furniture.😸

Do not leave your cat alone for long

Automatic Food Dispenser
If you are going on a short trip, having a friend check on your cat once daily may not give your cat enough care. Consider taking your cat to a Cat Hotel where they will receive good care and explore the new environment. This is better than leaving your cat alone in the apartment to get bored and destroy your properties. In the worst case that your cat is alone at your condominium for more than 3 hours, you should look for an Automatic food and water dispenser.😻

Provide your cat with some catnip

This has a strong impact on cats. It can help excite them, but it also relaxes and makes them feel good. You can rub some catnip on your cat toys or keep it in their frequent area so that they feel relaxed about staying inside the apartment. There is also Cat Plush where Catnip is already packed in.

Spend time with your cat

Spend Time Cat
Although you can't be at home all the time, ensure you spend enough time with your cat when you are in the apartment. Interact, play, and make sure they are loved. Even if you have to be away from home, you can still bring your cat along without troubles. A Cat Backpack can be very good to enjoy and share a moment with your cat in Bangkok or even for a trek in Thailand. It is true that your kitty would be surprised for the first trip, but it will get used to it and would definitely prefer to be on your back rather than stay alone at home.😽🤗

Socialize and Play with your cat

Play with your cat
Even though cats are solitary creatures, they need socialization. Don’t leave your cat alone in the apartment for more than 24 hours. You not only need to be around to provide fresh water and food but also don’t make them feel abandoned and they may become much stress.

When you are home, make sure your feline companion feels love and receives the right attention. Although not all cats are affectionate, that does not mean they don’t need attention and love. Giving them attention and love will help them live more comfortably in the apartment and will diminish any desire to go outside.😹

Walk your cats

Walk With Your Cat
From time to time, you can use a leash and a Cat Harness to take your cat out for a walk. If you have a balcony or an external area attached to your apartment, you can fence it with a suitable material. This will prevent your cat from outside danger and also prevent danger from entering.🐈👣

In conclusion, although we can’t always guarantee that an indoor cat will be happy. But, we can try to ensure they have everything they need to make an apartment living as happy and satisfying as possible.