How to raise a Dog in Thailand

How to raise a Dog in Thailand

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Thailand is a great place to relax and enjoy the ocean with your furry companion. As long as you meet the necessary requirements, you can travel with your dog anywhere in the country. For both Thai and foreigners, owning a dog in Thailand has its own challenge. But the followings are some important consideration every dog owner and those who wish to have one should keep in mind before going to a pet store or dealer to get one.😊

Decide where to keep your dog: Will your dog be kept outside or indoor? In Thailand and mainly in Bangkok, this is one of the most important things to consider before buying a dog, Thailand is among the world hottest countries and officially Bangkok is the hottest city in the world, so if your dog will be inside, can you provide the air conditioning throughout the day to make sure your dog doesn't suffer from heat? And if you will be keeping your dog outside, how will you keep him cool?

 Your dog and heat are not natural friends. Dog’s characteristic cooling is through its respiratory system and can be affected by the humidity and temperature indexes. Since heat can create a great risk to your dog health, it is important to be prepared.

Do you have a Mongrel or thoroughbred: Your dog breed is also important; although you can own any kind of dog in Thailand, from big breed to small breed, if you want a pedigree dog, make sure you only buy from an authorized dealer because there are a number of scammers who sell anything except pedigrees at pedigree prices. Also don’t forget, if you do not mind having a non-thoroughbred, you can adopt one of the thousands of stray dogs found throughout Thailand, for example, go to check at Soi Dog. 🙏

If you are planning to buy or adopt one, choose a breed that can adjust to extreme heat. Some dogs can adapt to extreme heat, others cannot. In Thailand, dogs that are not bred for such weather are imported all times. For example, buying an old English shepherd dog, may not be a good idea unless you plan to keep it shaved and inside the house always.

Consider the vet’s bills: One of the drawbacks of having a dog in Thailand could be the cost of the vet's bill. You can check for a high-end veterinary such as Thonglor Pet Hospital. But if you cannot afford vet's bills if your dog is sick or injured, you should not consider owning a dog in Thailand, as being able to pay for any future medical care should be a priority. Still, it is possible to find a cheaper alternative as the Ekkamai Animal Hospital.

What to do in Thailand with your doggy?

Thailand has beautiful parks, mall, and coffee shops for you to have a picnic, evening walk, and exercise your furry pal. Though some parks permit dogs to roam freely, most of them are not completely dog parks and do not allow dogs to roam freely. Other parks do not even admit dogs. But you can search for dog-friendly Park where it is safe to unleash your pup for play. For example, Dog Park Bangkok or the University of Chiang Mai, in the west of the Old City, has a dog park, just for your pooch enjoyment.🌴🌞🌼

Dogs are banned in all Thailand national parks, and the park officials are firmly enforcing this law. That means that if you are leaving around or on vacation near this park and plan to have a good time in the park, you will need to leave your furry companion at home. This comprises of popular parks like KhaoYai, KhaoSok, Doi Inthanon, Kui Buri, and KhaoLuang.

There are many coffee shops to take your puppy to, like visiting the Big Dog Café you will see that not all big dogs are scary. You can play freely with more than twenty big Alaskan dogs, Chow Chow, as they just resemble giant babies. There is also Running Dog Cafe near Sathorn. There are other similar dog cafes you can take your dog to play with small and adorable puppies. These shops don’t only serve food and drinks to visitors but are also willing to serve their dogs. And if you want better service, make a reservation in advance.

When it comes to shopping mall, there a lot of things to get for your dog, your dog food and supplies are available in most of Thailand malls Such as The Commons (Thonglor Soi 17) and Central Festival EastVille. Don’t forget to keep hydrating your dog during your journey, for that we got a perfect tool, the Dog water bottle.

Dog grooming in Thailand

Dog health is closely related to its grooming. It can be similar to people; dogs feel better when they are taking care of. The best dog grooming is usually evaluated by elements such as dog size, dog temperament, and the species. In addition, you must decide how often you need to groom your dog as a result of factors like nail clipping, coat brushing, and ear care, by making it a disciplined regimen.🚿

This can be a bit issue in Thailand than in other countries, as most Thai culture revolves around going out with friends and family: drinking coffee, having breakfast, lunch, and dinner, going to bar and movies, etc. So if you are involved in what a normal Thai life means: going out more than 16 hours a day, every day. That means a specialist should handle your dog grooming needs. Also, dogs need care, they need attention and they want to be entertained. Putting your dog in a cage in the middle of your kitchen or in a backyard is cruel. If owning a dog means you won’t have time to properly care for your pet, then please don’t plan to own one.

The best dog grooming is usually achieved by sticking to your veterinarian suggestions when doing grooming your dog at your residence by yourself. But if you choose a specialist dog groomer for this service, then you don’t have to worry about this because they know what is good for your dog. Remember, a healthy coat comes with consistent brushing and combing, and most dogs are really satisfied with this type of grooming. Here below are some of the best in Bangkok:🧼

- TLC Pet Clinic on Sukhumvit 31.
- Bark Lounge on Sukhumvit 49
- PAWFESSIONALS Grooming & Pet on Rama 4.

Pet Shop Thailand has also many dog grooming tools for the daily care of your doggy, check the Dog comb, Dog Teeth Brush and even Glove hair catcher.

Must things dog owner should do for their dogs in Bangkok

As dog owners, we consider our dog as important members of our family and strive to do everything possible to keep them happy and healthy. We all know that owning a dog is a privilege that comes with it responsibility, and we can’t care for our dog only when it is convenient for us. Our furry pals need our love and care at all time to be able to live a healthy life. We need to understand that our dogs need love, care, and we should be ready at all time to give them these things, especially as they are willing to give us unconditional love in return. However, the following are things that dog owners should do.❤️

Give proper health care to your dog

Your dog can’t tell you when or where they have pains and dogs are expert at hiding their pain. This means they may be suffering for some time before you know it-except you ensure they receive regular check-ups. Veterinarians are specially trained to look for signs of health problems in animals and they can help you deal with any problems before it gets worse.

Do everything possible to include your dog in your family

Domestic dogs need People Company to live healthy and happy lives. Most of our dogs are habitual pack animals and suffer when they are not completely incorporated into the family. Your dog loves so much playing with you, Pet Shop Thailand got the best and funniest toys that you could find in around Bangkok, Giant Ball, Rubber Wheel, Crown Ropes and more!

Find out what domestic items can hurt your dog and also pet-proof your home. They are a very curious and persistent creature. You may think that your cleaning products are safe under the sink, but because dogs are curious and persistent creature. It may not be hard for them to find and participate in something toxic. These may even include some foods items that can be poisonous to dogs.

How to deal with a dog in a big city like Bangkok  

Bangkok is a big city with an exciting nightlife, lavish accommodations, amazing restaurants, and unrivalled tourism opportunities. As Thailand capital, Bangkok is a busy city with a population of more than 11,000,000. The weather is extremely hot, the traffic is really congested and the city is shaded by many skyscrapers.

By all indication, it is not a perfect place to live with a dog. Although dog ownership is on the rise worldwide as a result of pet-friendly living. But Bangkok has not yet caught up with the trend. However, if you live with your dog or are about to move in with your furry companion, don’t be afraid. You can make it work and get the most of your new environment if you consider the following tips.

Get a good veterinarian to care for your dog: you can get high-quality veterinarians to care, there are plenty around Sukhumvit. If you are foreigner, you can even get some veterinarians who speak English as well. You can also get popular brands of dog food, as well as another dog-friendly goodie, such as dog toys and dog grooming accessories.

As mention before, it will be difficult getting a vast housing for your dog noting the fact that Bangkok is not that pet-friendly city. It may be difficult to get a place to live that accepts dogs. So, if you are lucky to get one even without enough space for your dog, manage the little space and make sure you give your dog sufficient exercise it needs for his well-being.

When walking or exercising your dog considers the weather. As mention earlier, Bangkok is a very hot and humid environment. Although indoor air conditioning is helpful, when taking your furry pal out for a walk on those hot sidewalks, you should be prepared with a bottle of water and a portable dish to help your dog stay hydrated. Observe for signs that indicate heat stress, as this may suggest that your dog needs a cool break immediately.

Make sure you microchip your dog, and your Bangkok contact information is in the Global Pet Registry. Your dog needs to have a microchip to get the health papers that include his passport for international travel. And if it gets lost in the city, with this information it would be easier to get your dog back home.

Provide Your Dog with Indoor Fun

Rainy days can be a hindrance for walking your dog, and for some pups, staying indoors all day can make them feel a bit bored. To avoid neuroses and boredom, have a lot of Dog Toys in your apartment or home. You can even hide treats in it and let your pooch hunt for it. You can as well include brain-stimulating games or teach your dog new and interesting tricks.🧸

Be ready to keep your dog safe if you do take him around the city with you. This can be a bit complicated, but, using a short Dog Leash and knowing the trick of walking your dog in a busy city will help. Keep your doggy while driving as well with a Dog Seat Belt.

Lastly, time management is really important, your dog cannot hold on to his bladder for eight or nine hours. You can try to go home during the lunch break and attend to your dog needs, or you should consider a dog walking service such as The Dog Walker. Dog walkers can be very useful in a big city like Bangkok, and they are more affordable than you think. When taking your dog to a local trainer, find out from them, they may have some great references. You don’t want to trust anyone with your apartment keys and access to your furry pal.

Please do care your best friend all the time, try to spend time with him or her, if you do the advises and tips listed above there is no way that you can’t have the best life along with your dog.