Why your dog will love to wear Dog Harness ?

Why your dog will love to wear Dog Harness ?

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We are all starting to see the harness to be popular for the dogs and even cats.

❤️ Why this popularity?❤️ | 🤔How to choose it?🤔 | ⌚️When to use it?⌚️

Whether for your walk, outing or even training, we believe that the harness is the must-have for your best friend, let’s see together why.

Smooth Comfort

Running dog harnessThe comfort is the main key of the dog harnesses, this is due to its design wrapping the next, should and top back and belly of your dog. Traditional collar focuses its pressure around the neck and makes the dog suffers while walking. Neck injuries can happen if a dog is constantly pulling or fighting the leash.
As the hook of the harness is on the dog’s back, the pressure is released from the neck. The dog harness that we proposed is fully-padded which most of the collar don’t. You will surely notice a change in the behavior of your dog once tried, smoother breath, comfort and mainly less pulling.🐶🤗

Having the lead

Pulling Dog

Your dog often fights the leash, by jumping and twisting it can mess not only themselves in the leash, but you as well. A massive dog might enroll the leash around your legs or wrist. When your dog gets excited, by jumping around, biting and running without knowing its own strength that might be hurting to you. The dog harness wraps more body of your dog and feels then more a body pressure rather than just its neck. Here is Dog Leash that we recommend fitting with your dog harness.🤠

How big should it be?

Massive dogs can be very forceful and unknown of their strengths. A dog harness can give you more control with your dog when you are out whether your dog is trained or not. All of our dog harnesses have a size chart which should be respected and all got adjustable straps. The smaller dog may be more delicate and tend to get injured. Wearing a harness spreads the pressure from its neck, to the back and body. Here is an example of a small dog harness which will fit your lovely pet.

Train your champion

Train your championYou can train your dog to follow rules of good manners and it becomes much easier while using a dog harness. Our dog harnesses are all made with a strong back handle to increase your control and your presence on your dog. As mentioned above, the larger contact surface of the harness will lead to a better connection with your orders and an easier no-pull leash training. Associating the dog harness with a training session or an outing or a run will focus your dog’s intention on the activity, making clear that now “It is time for training!’.🐕‍🦺💪

Train with your champion

Running Leash
Now you have trained your dog to do not pull while walking, you can for a run with your best friend! The design of a dog harness is very convenient for running, its back hook will firstly avoid any leash mess. While running, your god will be most of the time ahead of you and pulling (can’t avoid that at all time), the pressure being released from its neck, the breathing will be much smoother. We do recommend to use a Flexible Running Dog Leash along with a running belt suits for you.🏃🏽‍♀️


Safety first

Few dogs do not like any kind of collar or restraint. They would be able to take a collar off from their neck. A dog harness correctly fitted with its right size and style for the dog will be more difficult to escape than a simple collar. With the hook on the back, buckling up with a seat belt will be much easier while driving on your car. In case of an accident, the dog will be attached properly and the pressure will be spread along its upper body rather than its neck. The same while an outing at night, reflective dog harness or even with integrated LED will be a great choice to avoid an accident.👍✔️

    Finally, the dog harnesses are becoming a must to have for a dog these days. Its comfort and practicability are definitively its key features and reason for success. Please make sure to select the right size for your best friends, please do not hesitate to contact us for any advice we are happy to help. Keep in mind as well that a dog harness should be a special moment for your dog to use. Setting environment for your dog for each activity will boost his focus for your training, walking, running and more.