Cat Collar Glossy

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This is just the Glossiest Cat Collar that you will ever see again!

  • Leather base.
  • Hooks of high steel grade.
  • High-quality gloss layer.

This Cat Collar Glossy has high reliability keeping your cat comfy and brighter as ever.

Last but not least the Heart Jewel Pendant is offered for you only !!!

Due to this unique model, we are currently facing very high demand.

High risk of out of stock, don't wait too much.

Make your cat unique, just do it!

Only available here for Thailand!

Select your favourite colour, the proper size and get your cat this gorgeous collar!!

Size Necklace Width
XS 20 - 27cm 1.5cm
S 27 - 33cm 1.5cm
M 32 - 36cm 2.0cm

Cat Collar Glossy
Feature: Heart Pendant
Material: High Glossy Leather
Season: All Seasons
Colour: Rose, Red, Blue, Gold, Pink