Cat Diamond Necklace

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This brand new Cat Diamond Necklace is the one that your cat deserves.

  • High quality of jewel.
  • Handmade necklace.
  • Interior of Cat Diamond Necklace is fully padded leather to ensure full comfort!
  • The hook composed of Alloy Metal to be hugely strong!

This Necklace is exclusive for cat wishing to be seen and popular.

Make your cat unique, just do it!

Select your favourite colour, the proper size and get your cat this gorgeous necklace!!

Size Necklace length
S 20cm
M 25cm
L 30cm

 The chain is extendable by 5cm for each model.

Type: Necklace for cat
Feature: Jeweled diamond shape
Material: High-Grade Jewel and padded leather
Season: All Seasons
Colour: Red, Pink, Blue, Gold