Dog Snuffle Mat Slow Feeding

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  • Snuffle carpet for your dog
  • Created to stimulate the activity and senses of your doggy
  • Hide the food in the tiny spots and let him/her clean it up!
  • Normal Bowl is effortless for dogs, they need to re-activate their hunter side.
  • Carpet 100% washable by hand or machine.

Very practical when you are living in a flat in Bangkok, you and your dog will love!

2 Colours, 2 sizes and only one choice!

S size is 50x75cm (Blue White Red)
M size is 70x105cm (Pink, Yellow, Blue)

Only available here in this Online Pet Shop in Thailand!

Type: Cat Bed
Feature: Very Hunter Sense active
Colour: Blue, White, Red and Pink, Yellow, BLue
Size: S:50x75cm, M:70x105cm