Dog Toy Chewy Food Ball

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  • Very strong and smooth surface to keep your dog's mouth clean
  • Stuff the grooves with dry food -> Your dog will entertain for hours
  • Non-toxic, elastic and non-abrasive rubber -> Safe for your doggy.

This is the perfect toy for those who need to let their dog at home for a few hours.

Stuff it with dry food and your dog will be super focused on this toy for hours.
It won't be easy for him to clean it all.
After a few times giving him this toy, he will understand what it means and he won't be that sad while you are away.

Only available here in this Online Pet Shop in Thailand!

Toys Type: Balls for dog
 Chewing, strong and smooth rubber
Size: 5 & 7cm diameter
Season: All Seasons
Color: Blue, Cyan Green, Orange Red and Yellow