GPS Dog Collar

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As all dogs do, they love to wander and there is nothing you can do about it, it is natural. Once gone, if you don't have this GPS Dog collar, you will not find back your dog. Working with a SIM card, this is a real GPS tracker working with a free app. 

Would you not prefer to have your dog back in a few minutes rather than asking the whole neighbourhood or even ask for a search warrant? 

You can't be wrong with this GPS Dog Collar working with a SIM card (not included), you will even not need to find it back, you will know every minute where he or she is.

Bring your dog back home so you and your child can hug your doggy all day long!

 - Weight only 28 grams, your dog can carry it easily
 - Strong, durable and waterproof 
 - Leather collar, USB charger and manual included
 - Can fit other dog collars
 - Free shipping