Heart Charm Cat Collar

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This brand new heart charm collar is the one that your cat deserves.

  • The velvet material making this collar so comfortable!
  • The jewelled heart made with Rhinestones!
  • The buckle composed of Alloy Metal to be so strong!
  • The shiny bell offered to you only!
  • The elasticity of the band's end to ensure no pain!

With all these features, we are currently facing very high demand.

High risk of out of stock, don't wait too much.

Only available here for Thailand!

Select your favourite colour and get your cat this heart charm collar!!

Type: Collar for cat
Feature: Jeweled Heart
Safety Feature: Elastic extremity, avoiding pain
Material: Velvet
Season: All Seasons
Colour: Pink, Black, Red, Blue, Purple
Size: 28cm * 1cm (Unique & Adjustable)